FLEX HOURS: Students are allowed 4% of personal time during the course period without incurring overtime charges. This will include illness, weather, family issues, etc.  If a student is going to be absent, they must give a written request to an instructor for approval at least two days before the absence unless it is due to illness or any unforeseen emergency. If a student misses more than the allotted 4% of personal time they will be charged a fee of $25 for each hour of make up time.




Nail Technician


16 hours



24 hours

Hair Styling


40 hours



64 hours

OVERTIME CHARGES: Students who incur overtime charges can pay monthly or full payment will be due upon course completion during student’s Exit Interview. 

ABSENCES AND TARDINESS: Students who are going too late or absent must call or text appointed staff members before 9:00 AM. Failure to notify school staff that you are going to be absent will result in disciplinary action.  Late arrival has until 11:00 AM to check-in. If you can’t make it by that point, you must call in and speak directly to a staff member so they can clear your schedule.

Standards of Progress

Pivot Point Curriculum  is used  for all courses at the training center.  Progress reports are issued on a  monthly schedule and updated on a weekly basis according to the training center syllabus.

Grades will be issued for

  • Chapter tests
  • Completed Workbook
  • Clinic Floor Services
  • Mock Boards

Final GPA will be an average of all grades

76% is considered passing

Make up assignments and retakes are  the students responsibility.

Students will be given written and verbal warnings to complete missing assignments