Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is a set policy that aims to preserve a just and positive behavior among the student body. For this reason, True Colors Code of Conduct and Ethics provides behavioral guidelines that are in effect at all times—including whenever a student is representing True Colors on or off campus. Examples that violate professional judgment and behavior, which may result in disciplinary action are, but not limited to:

  1. Inflicting damage to cosmetology equipment or facility;
  2. Being academically dishonest;
  3. Undertaking unauthorized actions in the name of True Colors Training Center;
  4. Tampering with computer equipment, including unauthorized access. i.e., using front desk computer without Instructor’s permission, for personal or Internet use;
  5. Forging, altering or misuse of cosmetology program documents or client records;
  6. Theft from True Colors Training Center or other classmates will result in immediate dismissal  from program;
  7. Any student suspected of being under the influence of prescription or non-prescription drugs and/or alcohol, possessing or distributing narcotics or other controlled drugs substances will be dismissed and immediately referred drug/alcohol testing at his/her own expense. Positive testing or repeated incidents will result in immediate termination;
  8. Student’s performance and actions place a client, classmate or faculty’s welfare at risk;
  9. Student exhibits behavior that is disruptive or obstructive to the teaching and learn ing environment;
  10. Student displays behavior that is disrespectful toward clients, classmates, and/or facility.
  11. Student becomes disrespectful, complains insistently, or talks negatively in front of clients, classmates and/or faculty.
  12. Students are REQUIRED to become friends with True Colors Face book during their enrollment.
  13. Participation in all activities is mandatory when receiving school hours. These opportunities will be provided to you throughout the program, which will take your learning experience beyond the text book.
  14. Hanging out or “hovering over” other students who are working on the front desk, dispensary or working on other clients, even if you know them, is distracting and prohibited unless approved by an instructor for learning purposes. If you know another student’s client, we encourage you to respond courteously and then return to your own work.  
  15. Students, who are not scheduled with a client, need to keep busy working on mannequin apps, textbook work, or viewing educational videos.  
  16. All students will help with everyday up keep of the school. i.e., trash, laundry, straightening of equipment and shelves, cleaning, sweeping, and mopping of all rooms.
  17. Student kits are required to stay within the facility. Cosmetology tools are for school use only.  
  18. Any person who practices manicuring, esthetics or hair styling for compensation, or who carries on any business practice governed by this act, without the applicable license when a license is required, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable, upon conviction, by a fine of not more than $750. No student with fewer hours than designated for certification shall be permitted to practice cosmetology and related field, on patrons.

[Reported by: Wyoming State Board of Cosmetology]