CODE of CONDUCT VIOLATIONS: At the Instructor’s discretion, any infraction against the terms outlined in the Enrollment Agreement or Student Handbook will be recorded in the student’s file and handled in the following manner:

 (1)       Verbal Notice – Disciplinary Report

(2) Written Notice – Disciplinary Report

(3) Two-Day Suspension- Disciplinary Report

(4)   Dismissal

GROUNDS FOR TERMINATION: Each student shall abide by the terms outlined in the True Colors Training Center enrollment agreement and student handbook. Violation of the terms of the enrollment agreement or student handbook may result in immediate termination from True Colors Training Center.

IN-SCHOOL SUSPENSION: True Colors ethical and professional policies will be followed at all times. It is at the discretion of the training center staff to assign in school suspension when necessary.

TUITION PAYMENT: True Colors Training Center currently offers a self-financing program with application approval. For more information, contact the Business Office. Tuition must be paid in full (unless other arrangements have been made) by the mandatory Orientation Meeting, which is scheduled two weeks prior to program start date. Prices are subject to change without notice. Once the enrollment agreement is signed the price will remain as stated.

Refund Policy and DROP OUT POLICY: Once True Colors Enrollment Agreement is signed, tuition fee becomes 100% NONREFUNDABLE.

EXEMPT: Students approved for the Department of Veteran Affairs benefits that withdraw, are dismissed, or fail to complete the course for any reason will be refunded tuition and fees based on exact pro-rata days attended, (less ten percent of the pro rata amount) A registration fee, not to exceed ten dollars may be retained. Proof of eligibility for, or receipt of, VA benefits may be required.

CONDITIONS FOR REENTRANCE: Consideration for reentrance will be a case by case basis. Must be approved in writing by the owners of True Colors.