Students Transferring TO True Colors

  • Prior training must be evaluated and credit given as appropriate. The length of the course or program must be shortened appropriately.
  • All states have certain requirements and procedures that must be followed to have an accurate transfer.
  • Approved kit and books must be approved by True Colors before course start date.

Students Transferring FROM True Colors

  • There is a $100.00 finance charge for all hours and applications to be submitted to the State Board prior to course completion.
  • Exit Interview and all monies owed to True Colors must be completed before course record is submitted to The Wyoming Board of Cosmetology

Course Completion Policy

  • Diplomas are issued at the completion of enrolled course. This signifies that you are certified in the program completed and a state exam must be taken in order to be a licensed professional by the Wyoming Board of Cosmetology.
  • Family and friends are welcome to attend your certificate recognition, which is scheduled according to the graduation date.